Minding your own business – LGBTQ

“Mind your own business”, this may have sounded really bitchy in your mind yet if you are going to read this article, I am pretty much just convincing you to say this more.

However obvious this concept sounds, human beings cannot seem to be able to find the way to master the art of it. We are living in a society with many complex problems which were created mostly by people who cannot keep themselves from poking their noses into others’ stories regardless of their consent. The phenomenon is so strong and so hard to change that we have to spend a lot of nonsense money and effort trying to find some out-of-this-world solutions to such problems.

As a very clear and easy-to-find example, LGBTQ has been the kween of the media (got it, haha…) with many controversial arguments around it. Whether it is right or wrong will not be discussed here but how people are acting around this specific topic is what bugs me the most.

The antis. Whenever there is a huge movement, there will be people stand against it, no big deal. LGBTQ challenges one of our primary norms in life, marriage, and the fact that some cannot go through with the idea should not be criticized. However, the way some of these people act around it just simply sucks. Protesting, shaming, insulting and even violating, these kinds of actions that go against LGBTQ are all over the news. What is the cause of this? No surprise, people are not minding their own business. Some decided that they had to intervene into others’ lives just because they are not happy with what they see (Ted Cruz, cough).

The “justifications” of these actions are absurd yet funny if we actually get into it. Some claim that permitting same-sex marriage will reduce the number of our population since they obviously cannot reproduce by themselves. First, as we just crossed the 7-billion line, banners and posters about how we are overpopulating the world and we maybe need to chill a little bit are everywhere. Until we find another place to live, more babies might not be the best thing to do. Second, banning does not work anyway. If people like to be something, they will be it because that is what they like and who they are. Banning LGBTQ’s rights does not make them become any less of it – simple yet some refuse to understand. Moreover, if they cannot be together and are forced to live a “normal” life, will the protesters have their son/daughter marry them?

When we actually go into the question why, why do we have the tendency to fail to mind our own business, the explanation is pretty obvious. I believe as a complex species, we have the urge to be superior and in order to achieve that, judging others is our trick. While some learn and try to reduce this negative way of thinking, some cannot and do not want to. We give ourselves the rights to know and judge others just to satisfy our superior-seeking self as we fail to stay in our own zone.

So is there a way to fix this? Norms are just products of people and society (which is a group of people) and I believe none of them is optimal nor entirely rightful. To have a more open mind to adapt whatever coming in our ways is one thing but to have a more self-oriented, you-people-do-whatever-you-do-I-cannot-care-less mind is much more important. Who knows what else is waiting for us in the future, maybe the cat lovers (like myself) will take the next step and try to marry them. Just train yourself from now so that you will suffer less from all of the potential craps that might happen.


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