Grades – A Judgmental Bitch?

As students, like it or not, we are all living under the enormous pressure from this one-word bitch called “grades”. Our performance is encrypted into some simple numbers and suddenly it becomes a major problem from which everyone suffers. The madness continues when our grades are some of the only scales which we use to compare ourselves to others. Why? Because as humans, we are arguably self-sucking and superiority-seeking. We have the need to feel good about ourselves and in order to achieve that, one of the many popular ways is negatively judging our peers and grades happen to be the easiest to be compared.

“There are two sides to every coin” – a very popular statement of some famous people. The currently popular opinion is something that goes like this: “my grades don’t define me”, “grades don’t measure intelligence”, etc. While that is partially true, I do believe grades do judge students in an unexpected way. In this article/blog/whatever, I will be discussing both of them.

First, let’s jump straight into the main stream (got it? haha). Grades do not reflect nor represent one’s intelligence. Not acquiring the maximum points in a test does not mean that you are dumb and vice versa. I believe a test’s result is built up by 90% of effort and 10% of intelligence. Hence, judging a person with a very complex system of characteristics and intelligence based solely on numbers that are written on some papers would be an unfair thing to do. Nobody bans you from judging another individual but let’s keep an objective mind and not be a dick.

I am not going to lie, I do judge people, a lot. Most of the time, I guiltily judge others by their grades. The following paragraph can either be a very logical, rightful explanation or just a BS excuse formed by myself going through cognitive dissonance as I want to feel good about myself. Whatever is the case, here it goes.

Grades do not symbolize you intelligence yet they show your dedication to what you are doing. Acquiring high grades, most of the time, tells that a student is hard-working, knows what he/she is doing and has some positive concerns about the future (or knows how to kiss some teachers’ asses, let’s not put that into consideration). Even though our education system makes us sometimes have to study subjects that we do not necessarily like, that’s pretty much how life works. You have the rights to choose for yourself and it is your responsibility to enjoy yet suffer anything that is tagged with your choice. Stick with it or quit it.

You can argue that grades do not represent your intelligence or you as a person and it is partially true. However, I believe that those seemingly pointless numbers can depict you in many other ways that can be more important than your intelligence.

Again, I’m doing these writings for my own good and if you don’t like it, sorry for your time.


One thought on “Grades – A Judgmental Bitch?

  1. I do share the same opinion. While people make their point to say “grades don’t define you”, I do believe that people with good grades are more motivated and determined, though the opposite may not be true. I think those people understand how hard it is to achieve that, since it requires a much more extreme amount of time and effort than just to pass the course only. For me, I try to get high grades because I think it would help me in applying scholarships (and for my personal obsession also lol), so I know why I’m studying and what I’m heading towards, which is why I believe that grades matter a lot.

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