Gender – the topic speaks itself

In the last couple of years, you cannot live your life on the internet without encountering this huge topic: sexism (feminism included). People are throwing shades everywhere, pros and antis. I don’t want to talk about what they are, what the problems are or how people are fighting for their own rights because they are all over the place (and too mainstream, hippy me no like). From a personal perspective, figuring out the source of the problem is what I am trying to do here. Bear with me.

Why are there “men” and “women” at first place? It’s not the meaning of the word, it’s the significance of the word that I want to address. Whether I am a dude or a chick is defined by my role in reproducing and some kinds of hormones in my body, that’s obvious. But why this one single thing has the power to define me as a person is one norm I would never understand.

To make it easier, imagine you live in a society that people only have two eye colors: blue and green. Somehow the green-eyed got the superior position and this whole “eyism” thing got all over the place. People with green eyes have more benefits, more rights and look down on people with blue eyes, who suffer from the divided society. Looking from the outside, you might think “why are these dumbasses be fussing over eye colors?”; it just simply does not make sense. This is exactly how I feel about our society, “why are these dumbasses be fussing over genders?”. It is this division of human beings based on genders that makes so many groups of people suffocate, women as one quintessential group.

Women. Throughout history, somehow men got the superior position based on their physical advantages and the sexist culture appeared. It would not be fair to criticize our ancestors since, let’s accept it, they were busy surviving. What surprises me is that even today, when we claim to have reached a very, very, very modern society where most people acquire a sufficient amount of knowledge (can be argued, Trump’s supporters are still there), we cannot seem to throw away those old norms. We divide ourselves pretty much based on whether we have a D or a vag. If I were to live in the eyes’ society up there, I would think y’all are retarded, which I do.

Women: the word that should only be one of the many normal pieces of a person (like eyes’ colors, body shape, place of birth), becomes a tag that defines an individual.

It is not only about women, it goes the other way around. As a person who was (some would say fortunately) born with an outward genital, I am sick of being defined just by that. Everyone has their own singularity and what they are or what they do should not be limited by genders’ stereotypes and prejudices. It is such a simple thing yet is taking forever to finally be correctly perceived.

What am I trying to say here? First, I just bitched about why I can’t bear people define each other by their genders. Second, changing a norm is hard, especially when it is rooted in our society. However, if we are so advanced as a species as we have been claiming, eliminating this problem is very crucial in order to meet our expectations of building a completely fair society.


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