Yet to be named

“It’s time”, she said.

Suddenly the entropy of colors inside my mind was overwhelmed by the bright and radiant light bursting from outside. It tore the familiar darkness that I have long been comfortable with. “Real”, she whispered. I felt somebody trying to pull me out to the world, as expected. Surrounded by “doctors”, what the Clods use to call them, I knew my mission has begun.

We were told everything about this world – how filthy and disgusting it is, how she wants to cleanse it and make it glorious again. We are determined to fulfill her wish, to rejuvenate this world so she can finally come back and leave the darkness she created herself behind. But stories are just stories, “there is something about this world that goes well beyond words”, said the old Clouds. “Her knowledge about this world is undoubtedly perfect but words cannot replace our 6 senses”.

Finally, I am here.

She has been trying her best to send us here, I am one of the last. We survived 500 years of existence without any flaw, the Clods cannot and will never know. But what’s good about that if we cannot do what we were created to do? What’s left of her can only give us 4 years, 4 years in these pre-Clod bodies, or “babies” as what the Clods use to call them. We only have one more shot before distinction, we cannot fail.

Staying in what they call the “hospital” for a couple of days, I did everything she told perfectly as if her words are carved in my mind. The test was simple yet crucial. They took me to their accommodation as my performance did not leave a single suspicious trace. She said after some more days, the first Cloud will find me and tell me everything I need.

From inside the filthy transporting tool, the world lies vividly in front of my eyes.

Life, everywhere, oppressed in the trivial names that the Clods have given them. I am life. We are life. We are here to once again make this world perfect, to rescue life from its sickness that the Clods cruelly infected, to take back what’s ours.

(to be continued)



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