“The Hit”

As someone who has way to much free time to, well, think, ideas pop up in my head like Trump’s bullshit all the time.

The concept that is on the table is something I named “the hit”. I have not done any research on this phenomena (mostly because I am too lazy to) so if I’m wrong, excuse you.

We all have that period of time of our life since our birth until we reach a certain amount of age, 3 or 4 usually I believe, that we cannot “sense” and “remember”. All the memories of crying and yelling and being annoying (on planes) just cannot be recalled.

Like all other normal human beings in this world, we will have to grow eventually. The transition between the “blind” period and the “bright” period is something that I would like to call “the hit”. People, as well as animals, are constantly growing physically. We get taller, bigger, smarter as our body parts, organs, brains grow. I believe that there is this one hit point in our early years that is the line between “blind” and “bright”, where we become able to “sense” and “remember”. Why did I have to put those in double quotation marks? The concept of “sense” and “remember” can be argued. We have our 5 senses as a toddler but do we actually know what we are sensing, are we aware of that? The concept of “remember” will be discussed later in this post.

Story time.

I myself has a very interesting “the hit”. I was walking out from my kindergarten for my mom to pick me up. As I was making my way through the crowd, suddenly I had this feeling someone was hitting me from behind to call me so I turned back. There was no one there but right from that specific moment, I started to “sense” and “remember” everything. It felt like I was being born again and that was the time when I could actually start to know what is really happening around me.

However, that blind period is not necessarily completely blind since there is this concept of flashbulb memory when a single incident made such great impression it is carved in your mind.

Story time, again.

I remember this one single memory before my “the hit” when I was in my class in kindergarten. I was playing with my toy and suddenly this one mean boy in the class took it away from me. I tried to call the teacher but he grabbed my mouth and did not let me speak. This is where the concept of “remember” should be argued since some small memories could also somehow got into my long-term memory even before “the hit”.

I recognize that in Psychology people have a lot of concepts about short-term and long-term memory and how they work. Don’t afraid to enlighten me with your knowledge; my curiosity needs more than just these abstract concepts coming from myself but my lazy self is just being too, well, lazy.


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