Dream Journal #1

As my sleeping schedule has been literally like shit these days (curse you Vietnam Airlines with your weird ass eating schedule), it came with the benefit of memorizing my dreams much more regularly (waking up while in REM sleep, hell yeah I took Psychology). I have been writing dreams journal for a year now but most of them are either too personal, too inappropriate or too vague so…

I had this dream 2 nights ago and it is either a very deep dream with many layers of meaning and metaphors blah blah blah or a BS one. This one is quite special though because I did not know whether it is real or not (oooh, mystical).

Background: went to bed, it started raining until after I woke up.

I woke up, seemed like the noise of the raindrops hitting my window finally got on my nerves. I checked my phone, it was 6:03. Without my glasses, the window is too blurred but I knew for sure it was raining. I tried to sleep again but the noise got louder and louder to the point that my chills dragged me up again.

The next time I open my eyes, there was this orange light flashing slowly all over my house. I immediately related it to the green light in The Great Gatsby (been reading it so). I sat up to check where was the source and turned out it was coming from the peep hole of my front door. Usually, I would be terrified but I don’t know why I had the guts to stand up and go check whether someone was outside. As I was just started to make my way to the front door, the sliding door between the kitchen and my main room started sliding on itself (creepy). Here is the point where I should be freaking out already but again, I just kept on going to the same direction. I checked the door and there was some kind of logical system to make the door slide. I cannot recall what happened next.

The next thing I know is my 8:00 alarm woke me up, the outside was actually raining. Since the location of the dream was exactly my room and everything seemed to be chronologically logical, the dream felt 100% real.

Later, I found a way to confirm that it was just a dream but damn, that was one creepy experience waking up from that. However, putting that aside, this is way more fun than my usual dreams, which usually include sex, fighting or family issues.


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