Mumbling about names

I wrote this in one of my statuses on Facebook and felt like, well, it is a good one. Fasten your seatbelts cause the mumbling is going to start now.

Aaaany minute.

Jusssst a second.

Joking, let’s do this!

To hook y’all to the topic, how about I first discuss the phenomena called “name stereotypes”. We meet millions and billions of people in life and, of course, many of them become our friends and close friends and loved ones and bitches that we remember hating. Memorizing all of them, how different they are from each other, their unique characteristics and personalities can be painful and our mortal brains cannot pay that many neurons to do that (yes, I know some biology, surprise). I believe we do develop this auto system of categorizing people just for the sake of our own good and one of them is putting people into name’s boxes. We form some general characteristics of one type of name and we might have the tendency to have stereotypes towards people who shares the same name. This is a good thing since according to Psychology (yes, took 2 courses and acting like an intellectual here, ha ha), our brains form those shallow judgment just to reduce the amount of work we have to endure. As long as you don’t be an asshole and cling on that initial impression, no shade is being thrown here.

My real name is, well, lets just keep it as a secret and say it is a rare name (oooh, as if finding you on Facebook is impossible, smartypants) and in 7th or 8th grade, I chose this nickname, Boro, out of nowhere cause literally everyone in my class had one (man, how cool I thought I was). My inner hippy is super satisfied with the fact that I met like 2 people with the same real name as mine and literally no one that shares my nickname. Though people spell my name wrong in almost every first encounter and the fact that every time I inform my name to someone to do some paper works, I have to pay some extra effort to spell it or even write it myself, this is actually very exciting to me.

Let’s go back to that “name stereotypes” thinggy. If you don’t have anyone who shares the same name as mine to recall, there is nothing else you can do to form impressions than objectively judging myself (maybe not, some people can be assholes when it comes to judging others, whatever, anyway) on how I dress, how I talk, my body language and those things are what I chose to show people. How I see it is that I have the opportunity to define my own name to people so if they ever find someone with the same name (probably not), their stereotypes will be based on me, this (incredibly handsome and extremely sophisticated) Boro. I find so much joy in this one simple thing, I know I’m weird but if you are reading this post to this point, you are not that normal either, got you.

So to the people out there who is lucky enough to have a unique name (I mean you, Beyoncé), celebrate your singularity, define your name, carve it on others’ mind, yay!

I am so not inspirational…


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